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Repair, modify, share.

Find the service you need, when you need it. Keep track of all of your projects in one place, and get full insight as to what's going on with your boat. When you're finished, pass your story on to other boat owners.


How it Works

Get everything done, in one app

Compare pricing, read reviews, speak with knowledgable marine pros, get updated pictures, videos and progress as your projects get completed.


Full Transparency


Smart Budgeting

Take control of your projects, from beginning to end. From boat detailing, to engine repair, you will no longer have to wait in the dark as to when you can get back in the water. View it all, in one app.

Why Boatal

Every boat owner has a story

By the River

Knowledge Sharing

Put your money where your mouth is

Unique issues and stories come up all the time, with unique solutions. Share them with others in the community. You never know when your solution can save someone's summer plans.

Ask a Boatal Pro

Can't find an answer? Ask a Pro directly

Get answers to your questions, whenever or whereever you are.

Keep track of previously asked questions so you can reference them later.

Boat in the Sea

Intelligent Service

Make sure your boat gets exactly what it needs

See Reviews

See Invoices

Two-way communication

Interactive Progress

Are you a Marine Professional?

Bring Boatal into your business

Boatal Pro software uses AI to put your schedule together. Work on projects efficiently, find schematics quickly, ask questions and get answers from other top experts in the industry. Answer a few questions of your own as well. Remember that old Johnson outboard engine from 20 years ago? We do too.

Boat Cleaning

Our Clients

Why use Boatal?

"I was finally able to find someone to service my busted motor"

I couldn't find parts and no one could work on it. Boatal helped me find a supplier and a tech that could answer my questions.

Warwick, RI

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