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Our Mission

At Boatal, our mission is to empower boaters and marine enthusiasts by providing a comprehensive and boater-friendly platform that connects them with top tier marine service providers. We are commited to promoting seamless experiences in the marine industry by offering a trusted directory, enabling customers to easily find, rate and hire local marine experts for a wide range of services. Our dedication to fostering a thriving marine community drives us to continuously innovate, deliver exceptional value and elevate the standards of marine services worldwide.

Our Purpose

Boatal's purpose is to bridge the gap between boaters and marine service providers, fostering a harmonious community and ecosystem within the marine industry. By offering a convenient and reliable online platform, we aim to empower boat owners and enthusiasts to access a wide array of marine services, ranging from boat engine repair to electrical and accessory installation, to marine finance and yacht rental. Our purpose is to streamline the process of finding reputable providers while promoting transparency, quality and trust within the marine service community. Through our commitment to excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction, we strive to be the go-to destination for all marine related needs, ensuring that every journey is smooth, safe and enjoyable.

Boat Cleaner

Our Story

As avid boaters, we've spent hours, days and weeks trying to find the right part, or the right video, or the right person to help us with our boats. We've heard all the old anecdotes, from "B.O.A.T. (Bust out another thousand)" to "The best two days of your life will be when you buy your boat, and then when you sell it." Everyone has come to accept these as part of a boaters life. Well we saw that there's a chance to make a difference in those old sayings. We want to work to create a better boating experience for all boaters. We aim to empower our customers to get back in the water.


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