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Become a Boatal Pro

See how we make it easy for you to help people get back on the water. We make it simple, you make your living.

No subscription fees

There are no fees to join Boatal. We support our marine businesses, from the smallest one person shop to the largest marinas in the world.

Control & Flexibility

We match you with jobs that fit your preferences and schedule. Work the hours you want to work, while still being available for those who need you. Talk with the customers in realtime, not by email or getting an inquiry through multiple sources.

Focused Customer Base

Your customers want to get their projects done. No more projects sitting in your yard or theirs for days, weeks and months at a time. With built in invoice and quote approvals, get the feedback you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Organize your Projects

Now you'll know exactly where you stand with all your projects. Add all of your projects into Boatal and we'll take over scheduling, requesting invoices, approvals and payments. We make it as simple as possible for you to get through your projects without overloading you or your team.


Two way communication through video, images and text gives you the ability to show your customers exactly where the problem is, and let them make a decision quickly. Get yourself back on track and follow up with everyone quickly, or we can even do it for you with automated notifications and reminders for service. Keep your customers coming back to you for years to come.

Set your prices

You get to set your prices, and if you don't know what to charge, we'll give you guidance on what the averages should be. Don't be accused of overcharging, and don't undersell yourself again. Grow your business and help get your customers back in the water. 

Certified Marine Technician

Boatal helped me get customers directly, and helped me grow my business. I didn't have to deal with social media and email, I was able to just get the jobs I wanted, and get to work doing what I love.
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