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Our Features

Boatal was created for boaters, by boaters. Our service covers you from bow to aft, with features that cater to the unique needs of boat owners. We want to make boating easier and more enjoyable than ever, and help you get back in the water.

Compare Pricing

Compare the quote you get from one provider to others in the market. Get quotes and make a decision in minutes, instead of waiting for days or weeks. Review and approve part and service invoices before the work is done, with a breakdown of exactly what you're investing your money into.

Read Reviews

There are thousands of service providers and marinas in the world. Boatal puts the feedback they receive at your fingertips. Read great reviews and stay confident in your choice when you have your boat serviced. Every submission is manually reviewed by humans, so you can be confident in everything being said.

Ask a Boatal Pro

If you have a question, don't search around for it, just ask a Boatal Pro directly. Get access to 24/7 assistance with anything you need, from locating a service point on your boat, to making sure that new filter is in the right place. Share images and videos as necessary and get real time answers as you need them.

Share Knowledge

Everyone has a story. Boaters have been sharing their story for generations, and Boatal wants to take that a step further. Share your fixes, stories and hacks with the rest of the community, and have the chance to be compensated for it. Support your stories with videos and pictures and share them with the world.

Stay Organized

Keep track of all of your projects as they come along. If there's a project you won't be able to complete until next season, that's ok. Keep track of it in Boatal and we'll send you a reminder when it's time. Any conversations you have with Boatal Pros or stories you've shared will also be stored for future use.


Communication is one of the cornerstones of our service. Two way communications, with voice, video and text capabilities ensure that you have every piece of information right in front of you. Use real time video to get guidance on that fuse you couldn't find last time. Boatal will help you get back on track, communicate, and get back on the water.

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